Angle of the Day 2/13

Today we spotlight 6’3, South Grand Prairie Senior Michael Wright.  Michael has been a 2-year starter at South Grand Prairie High School, and a 3-year letterman. He has made a huge impact with his toughness and ability to affect the game in many different areas. Michael plays extremely hard displaying his best attributes on the defensive end of the floor. Over his time at South he has been able to guard positions 2-5 due to his speed and strength. He is a relentless worker in the weight room and it’s on full display when he rebounds, defends, and leads our team in charges taken the past two years. Offensively he has the ability to catch and shoot the 3, drive the ball with efficiency and finishes well around the basket. Michael is a gym rat that has really been able to grow his game physically and mentally during his time here at South Grand Prairie. If you have additional questions about Michael, Head Coach or 817-366-1540.

School record 41 charges during the 2018-2019 Season

2019-2020 Season

53.1% eFG 

54.5% 2 FG

31% 3FG

8.5 ppg 

+151 When he is on the court

30 charges in 24 games

76% FT

6 rpg 

Multiple double doubles